HØST ’19 & VINTER ’20




The Ioanna Kourbelaautumn-winter collection has a great influence from the Neoplasticism movement, that has asa foundation the use of primary colors and the creation of shapes and lines with an abstract form, based on harmony and freedom.

Piet Mondrian’s influence - the key representative of Modern Art and founder of the Neoplasticismmovement - and the embodiment of the new script of the IK brand logo, a new motif has merged that with its repetition is transformed in a geometrical pattern. The pattern reminds of an ideogram butafter better looking at it, it is the script of harmony and freedom, principles that Modern art was basedon and especially Neoplasticism, a pattern that changes and adjusts differently on various materials.It is applied either on metal buckles, jewelry and ceramic buttons or as embroidery on ethereal tulles and silky-look quilting or like a knitted pattern with super fine yarns giving a different dimension.

Simultaneously a new research is conducted around the semicircle and how it embraces the female body. Sleeves and trousers circularly embrace the shoulders and elbows and then the thighs and calves.

Τhe IK color palette consists of primary colors, red, yellow and green, and the combination of white and black which is applied with a fresh look and the combination of two or three colors on a garmentor monochrome with print.