“We are a family business, that has chosen to produce pure organic products, providing a healthy alternative to consumers, who seek a diet full of vitamins and healthy nutrients”, says Nikos Stamatakos, olive oil producer and owner of Stamatakos Olive Grove Company. We are working with passion and respect to our land. Our goal and vision is the achievement of the best possible quality organic products, both in their bold taste and their aroma. No use of chemicals is allowed in the farm. Utilizing natural means, such as the usage of green manure from legumes and organic animals and we use also organic fertilizers, we enrich our soils so that our fruits are high in nutritional value and quality. Nikos Stamatakos created his own company, in order to monitor the production and preserve top quality products. This quality is guaranteed by our hard work throughout all stages of production


The Stamatakos' olive grove is situated in Molai, a Lakonia county, in the southeast end of Peloponnese. Our homeland, given the nature of the soil, the mountainy terrain and its warm and dry climate, is ideal for the cultivation of olives and citrus trees. There is a tradition of cultivating among the locals with all the wisdom and expertise that is passed from one generation to another and will continue to do so for many more generations to come. The olive is the most crucial source of income for most households as well as a basic food to satisfy their nutritional needs, making the cultivation of it a tradition merged into the locals' everyday life and practice. As a result, the wider area of Molai produces some of the finest olive oil worldwide and the local community is especially optimistic in regard to the product quality in the coming years.


Nikos Stamatakos carries on the family tradition of agriculture, started by his father, Tasoulias Stamatakos and has devoted his whole life mastering the art of producing the perfect, well balanced and full of nutrients olive oil. Soon enough, the need for an olive oil with Nikos' name written on it rose. He quickly realized that the quality of a pure organic olive oil, just as he envisioned, could only be achieved if he managed to run his very own business, that would deal in the production from start to finish. His wife and 3 children, Maria, Tasos, Irene and Efi respectively are all an active part of the family business to the point that their contribution is priceless, since without them this (which seemed like a) venture would never have come true. With the help of the workers of the company, the final outcome is a pure organic olive oil, along with other organic products, that can qualify to enter international contests of olive oil purity.

Since 2000, it has been solely cultivated with organic methods, with no use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The fruit itself is not boosted by any chemicals or hormones, or any unnatural methods whatsoever, but with respect to the land and the tree, so that it grows on its own, with the right amount of water and sunlight.

Our estate stretches along 80 acres beside the mountain Kourkoula foot. There are 3,000 olive trees of Koreneiki type, along with olive trees of the Kalamon type, citrus and grape trees in our olive grove.

We have created our own water supply through drilling the fertile ground, which is tested, approved and even safe for drinking (a rare quality in agriculture nowadays).


The olive’s fruits are collected very carefully so that they are all clean from dirt, therefore the olive oil decanter can perform in high standards using just the force of gravity, with no need for high temperatures that would harm the outcome in the process. That helps separate the fruit from its useless core and skin so that the pure oil can be then extracted from it. In that way the excellent quality of the oil olive is guaranteed, as the whole process can be compared to the squeezing of an orange.

The olives are picked strictly by mechanical means and the extraction takes place on the same day in a single vertical organic unit, with a full production to supply chain, so that the olives are fresh from the tree.

The olives extracted for the production of our olive oil are exclusively of the Koroneiki type, which contributes to the fine quality of our product.

The olive oil is separated from its core and skin by a decanter using a centrifuge rendering the use of hot water obsolete. Thus the temperature remains low throughout the production process (< 20 ˚C), which is known as cold pressed extraction, ensuring the top quality of the final product and the preservation of all its natural components. That way, the outcome is rich in aromas, while keeping its organoleptic characteristics intact. More specifically, our olive oil is rich in sterols and fatty acids, mainly oleic acid and linoleic acid (omega-9, omega-3 & omega-6) as well as antioxidants such as tocopherols (vitamin E), vitamin C, phenols and polyphenols.

The olive oil is immediately weighted post-production and is headed straight to our special storage tanks, located in the same place. Our stainless storage tanks are equipped with a nitrogen gas filling mechanism, in order to prevent oxygen oxidation. Because of the fact that in our production unit no plastic pipes are used for the transfer of olive paste to the oil press, or of the olive oil to the storage tanks-packaging chain, there can be found no trace of plasticizers. Our pipe system consists entirely of natural rubber or stainless materials.

Our production unit has all the necessary packaging to labeling means and the necessary storage space for all our products.

The grove’s products are certified by the Hellenic Agricultural Organization “Demeter” and the Bio Hellas Institute.